Creative Arts Playschool

Jumping Jellies Creative Arts Playschool is a place for children to learn and grow through the expressive and Creative arts. Jumping Jellies Playschool fosters a nurturing and educational environment where children can develop in the best way possible!

 Our Mission:

 “Jumping Jellies Creative Arts Playschool is a place for children to learn through the creative and expressive arts, our mission is to enrich children in their preschool years through play, movement, music and art.”

Jumping Jellies Creative Arts Playschool Schedule

9-9:45am: Welcoming the children in (Change shoes, coats up, Good-byes) Free Play, Crafts, Various different Play Centres that focus on fine motor skills

9:45-10am: Circle time starting introducing daily theme, calendar, music, singing, storytelling and creative movement  

10-10:30: Arts and Crafts that relate to a daily theme. There will be emphasis on pre-kindergarten skills such as gluing, cutting, drawing, and painting

10:30-10:45am: Free Play

10:45-11am: Group washroom break and wash hands before snack

11-11:15am: Healthy Snack and Water (No Nuts, Candy, or Pop)

 11:15-11:25am: Group Game/Movement Breaks/Yoga/Discovering different musical instruments and styles of music. Here there will be emphasis on social skills, physical literacy, creativity, and working as a team.

11:30-11:45am: Wrap up Story/ Good-Bye!


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Prices & Fees- (Cheques payable to Jumping Jellies) 

Monday-Friday mornings 9-12pm

Drop-In: $40 Playschool

3/4 year old Playschool:

Mon-Fri- $299/month plus $20 non-refundable registration fee

 Registration fee: 

Playschool Registration: