9th Annual Salsa Congress

salsa pic

What a great honor to be apart of the Calgary International Salsa Congress for the 6th year in a row! I feel so happy to be apart of a great team, Salsa Rica. I have learned so much from my wonderful dance teachers Eric and Kelly and have grown so much as a dancer over the years. I wouldn’t be able to have my program Jumping Jellies if it wasn’t for all the dance training and different techniques I have learned. I’m so excited going forward to inspire children through dance!

Welcome to Jumping Jellies, where kids can learn dance and have fun!

I’m so Excited to finally get started on something I love to do and something I’m so very passionate about! I can’t wait to get started in September with two classes I’m putting together called Mommy & Me Play and Dance, and Groovin Jellies!

Here’s ┬ásomething I would like to share on the benefits of dance and learning for children!

  1. Social Communication- Dance can help children become better communicators, dance teaches children to help one another to work towards a common goal and support each other
  2. Cognitive Development- Dance can help improve cognitive development through problem solving, physical awareness, and spacial recognition
  3. Emotional Maturity- Dance can help improve emotional maturity through creativity, self-expression, and emotional release through different mediums of movement and music!

Marina Clark

Dance Instructor